#INNDEM2017 Speaker: Michael Chessum


Name: Michael Chessum

Topic: Labour’s ‘Momentum’



Michael Chessum  was on the Steering Committee of Momentum – the grassroots organisation dedicated to transforming the British Labour Party – for its first year, playing an important leadership role, and worked on Jeremy Corbyn’s second leadership campaign. He was centrally involved in the social movements which preceded the ‘Corbyn surge’, from the student movements of 2010 through to the anti-austerity movement, and currently works for Another Europe is Possible, a coalition of progressives fighting Brexit from the left.”



People’s Momentum

Momentum is a grassroots campaigning network of over 31,000 members, 200,000 supporters and 170 local groups that evolved out of Jeremy Corbyn’s 2015 election campaign. Momentum is mobilising the mass campaigning movement that tries to get Labour into government.


Michael will share his experiences in mobilizing new and disenfranchised voters.

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