#INNDEM2017 Speakers: Sandro Martin & Guillaume Auffret



Name: Sandro Martin & Guillaume Auffret

Topic: La République En Marche! 


Sandro Martin  is head research center and international relations and  Guillaume Auffret is Political Advisor of La République En Marche!


La République En Marche! is a centrist and liberal political party in France. It was founded on 6 April 2016 by Emmanuel Macron, a former Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, who was later elected President of France in the 2017 presidential election by a landslide 66.1% of the second-round vote. Macron considers La République En Marche! to be a progressive movement, uniting both the left and the right.

Sandro and Guillaume will present the strategy of En Marche! about how they include party members feedback to create a more bottom-up driven political party.

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