Innovating Democracy 2017

Join us for the 3rd Innovating Democracy event organized by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and the International Institute for Democracy & Electoral Assistance (IDEA). This full day event will take place in The Hague on November 30th, 2017.




Innovating Democracy brings political parties and movements together that have experience with cutting-edge political innovation to discuss this shift in the political landscape. Worldwide many new political actors gained power or even won elections, many did so using social media, data and digital tools in innovative ways.


Key questions that will be addressed: how does technology influence the public and political debate and behavior? Is technology empowering us to voice our opinions or is it providing a platform to disregard ethical boundaries? Are we on a right path creating a healthy democratic community? Do tech companies have too much power to influence the political debate? Where does technical innovation leave political parties?


We invite you to take part in the discussion!




Mike Hind (keynote)
Investigative journalist and expert on disinformation on social media shares his experiences on how technology helps ‘manufacturing the appearance of social consensus around political issues’.


Adrienne Massanari (keynote)
Assistant Professor at University of Illinois researches the social and cultural impacts of new media, crowdsourcing, and digital ethics. As author of Participatory Culture, Community, and Play: Learning from Reddit she will share how this platform was an instrumental space for political organizing during the 2016 US Presidential campaign, as well as the way the community’s culture was reflected in political discourse on the platform.


Michael Babyak (breakout)
Former Director Marketing & Technology RNC/ Trump Campaign will share his experiences leading the POET team and building a state-of-art digital fundraising operation by using big data for Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign.


Michael Chessum (breakout)
Former Member Steering Committee People’s Momentum (Labour) was an instrumental player in the Jeremy Corbyn’s second leadership bid. He will share his experiences in mobilizing new and disenfranchised voters.


Maya Saikali (breakout)
Former media and communication coordinator and member of the collegiate body of Beirut Madinati/ Beirut My City, will focus on the identity and communication strategies conceived for the campaign and their manifestation. She will also reflect upon the participatory aspect of the campaign, the dynamics and processes that allowed the party to shift from a campaign into a political movement. Read more >


Kal Turnbull (breakout)
Founder of ‘Change My View’  who set out to do the impossible: cordon off a space for measured, civil conversation between people who believe in different things. Now there are over 450.000 members on ‘Change My View’ subreddit.


Nicolas Diaz (breakout)
Founder of ‘SeamOS will talk about digital democracy in Latin-America and his application that gives the public the ability to explore proposals and vote on them.


Guillaume Auffret (TBC)
Political Advisor La République En Marche




Limited places available, entry only upon prior registration. Participation is free of charge, and lunch & drinks are provided.

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