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Join us for Innovation Day 2018 organized by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), which will take place on 29 November at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam. Get inspired to positively change the political landscape!

This year we focus on political innovation, bringing speakers from NGOs, political parties and organizations that share their passion for cutting-edge innovations to improve politics. We will discuss how new and disruptive tools can help parties respond better to needs and bring democratic governance closer to the people.

How can technology empower citizens?
 Is political intermediation no longer necessary?
What is the current role of political parties?

We invite you to take part in this discussion.

Colin Megill (Keynote Speaker)

Is co-creator of pol.is, an open source platform for gathering large scale, open-ended feedback analyzed by machine learning methodologies in real time. The technology has enabled multiple national governments to begin developing novel and innovative strategies for public engagement, which leverage data science.

His work has been featured in MIT Technology Review, The Guardian, Civicist, and Wired, as well as recent books published by Penguin and Harper Business. His work in science, most notably in the development of nextstrain.org, a platform for the real-time tracking of viral transmissions built with researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, has been featured in multiple publications, including Quartz and The Atlantic. He is a passionate musician and home school educator.

http://www.colinmegill.com/        –       https://pol.is        –       @colinmegill

Panel Discussion

The keynote will be followed up by a panel discussion political party representatives and a community of thinkers. They will debate on the future of democracy and democratic governance.

Participants are:

Timetable – Thursday November 29th 2018

15:50Kick-off open program Innovating Democracy 2018
16:00Keynote by Colin Megill
16:45Panel Discussion (moderated by Raoul Kramer)
17:15Question from the public and wrap-up